I am an educator, researcher and writer, passionate about storytelling and its power to change perspectives of self.

In traversing the path of my own adulthood, I have been provided with opportunities along the way to reflect on my life – to unfold and tell the stories of my learning, of the experiences and people who have been part of this passage. At each point, as I have been encouraged to explore my achievements, struggles, frailties, enduring strengths and imagined future, and to consider the impact the construction of my self-identity has brought to bear on my approach to life and learning, I have been impressed by the capacity the self-reflective process holds to transform perspective of personal capability and of a future yet to be created.

As a result of undertaking this journey of transformative learning, I now work with adults to support them in drawing forth stories of the strength and potential gained in their lives, as they move towards the creation of their stories as yet untold.

There are innumerable people who, through sharing the stories of their lives across the years, have enriched and shaped my own transformative journey, and to them I offer my wholehearted appreciation for the gift of themselves.

Above all, I am grateful for my beautiful sons – Cambell, Sam and Alex – who have accompanied me along the arduous yet ultimately joyful and rewarding road of life, and who continue to astound and delight me daily with the strength and purity of their hearts as they undertake the creation of their own unique stories.

I am currently writing a book about transformative learning: the circumstances of our lives and the stories remembered; influences on the construction of our self-identities – positive and negative; critiquing and challenging the assumptions and limitations we have come to accept about ourselves, our potential, and our place in life; daring to imagine a story untold.


  • 2013 Doctoral candidate (Monash University, Victoria, Australia)
  • 2011 Master of Education by Research (Monash University, Victoria, Australia): Restor(y)ing lives: Autobiographical reflection and perspective transformation in adults returning to study
  • 2004 Bachelor of Applied Science (Leisure & Health) (Sydney University, NSW Australia)
  • 2006 Diploma of Vocational Education & Training (VET) Practice
  • 2006 Diploma of Training & Assessment (TAA)

Vocational experience:

  • Currently: Professional development across the VET sector
  • Previously:
    • Professional Learning & Development at Chisholm Institute, Victoria, Australia
    • Educator and practitioner in Leisure, Aged Care, Disability, Sport & Recreation, Fitness Instruction and Personal Training across the spectrum of age, ability and context

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    • Thanks so much for that feedback Water Bearer. I’ve been through some up and downs too, and today I realised how fortunate I am to have these opportunities for growth. Yoga is helping me to see myself as a spiritual being having an earthly experience. We are not this body … we are so much more. Takes the pressure and the scariness out of it all.

      Good luck in your own travels … don’t be afraid of some turbulence as you grow …


      • I agree completely, I was only thinking this morning how my Dad always used too say that “life and earth is a stage and we are merely playing our part, It is not our permanent form, it will not last forever,” We are so much more indeed. Thanks you for your kind encouragement. i am glad I stumbled across your blog. Blessings to you!


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