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Every ending is a new beginning … every beginning is a new ending … every ending is a new beginning …


IMAG0219It’s been quite a journey over the last months. I have left my employment of twelve years; enrolled full-time in my PhD; moved to another educational institution, returning to sessional teaching in Leisure & Health to support the professional development of health practitioners; continued my studies in yoga training in Satyananda Ashram in Mangrove Mountain, NSW, and have just returned from four days in spectacular Perth, presenting and sharing in the dissemination of knowledge around vocational education here in Australia.

Swami Satsangi Easter3a 2013 (2)

By far the most humbling experience though has been my time spent with four hundred other yoga devotees at Satyananda Ashram in Rocklyn with Swami Satsangi during her Easter visit. Through this I have received the blessing of initiation into Satyananda yoga, and am humbled to have been given my spiritual name and mantra by the magnificent Swami Satsangi to support me as I grow in consciousness.

‘Wow’ doesn’t come close to expressing where I’ve been and where I’m at.

When we finally open to the winds of change, you can’t know where it will take you. It’s hard to know which way is up when you surrender to a whirlwind. Every ending opens to a new beginning, every beginning brings with it an unexpected new story with a soon-to-be-discovered new ending. Where we begin and where we end and where we begin again is transformational if we are open to it.

Consider the whirlwinds, the tearing and battering that takes place as we yield to the forces of nature that are one with each of us. Consider the inconceivable heights to which we soar in the fulfillment of our dreams. Every experience that is part of our everyday is critical to us becoming the fullest and truest expression of ourselves.

IMAG0184Often we can’t see where we’re going, or what we’ve left behind … but we should always trust that it is going to be spectacular if we follow our hearts to the natural end … so that we can begin anew, all over again.