Worldwide tipping point


My earlier post about tipping points in our lives was revisited on Sunday whilst speaking with an amazing young woman. I have come to know her through the involvement of one of my sons in a community development project in Rwanda. She, like so many of the souls I have been exposed to recently, is part of a groundswell of intelligent, compassionate individuals committed to making a difference in our world.

We discussed the emergence of a growing awareness – even while amidst the safe mediocrity of our selfish and mundane existence – about what we can do to draw together and support our global family. My friend has this morning sent me through two links that extend our conversation:

Go to for some inspiration (and check out their Facebook site:

I also followed her link to Mike Daisey’s confronting approach to addressing global change, related to the dangers of corporatisation. Daisey, known for his monologue ‘If You See Something Say Something.’ has been called ‘pugnacious, funny and touching’ … and I agree with these references.Hearing Mike’s challenge brings up indignation and resistance in me.

My approach to anything that emotes fear, or anger within me (hearing of the overwhelming atrocities and indignities that we are exposed to daily across the media) is to come back to my core truth … that everything resides in love. Any response to anything … no matter how horrifying or terrifying … must come from my heart, from love. Every solution lies in love, not fear, not hatred, not war.

The following link will take you to his hour-long, no-holds-barred monologue, containing strong opinions and offensive language … that really challenged my thinking. If you are ready to be challenged about where you stand in the global picture of change , you may like to have a look.

What are your thoughts on how we … I … can contribute individually to global change?

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