Managing life and all its complexities


My goodness, isn’t life busy?

Currently I find myself in a somewhat quiet space of contemplating life and living. In considering the most authentic and resonant way forward for me, I have been brought back to the now. Back to me.

As I breathe gratefully in the space that this spiritual season has provided, I’m thinking deeply about how easily we can get caught up in our perceived priorities, in powering towards whatever goal we have set ourselves … and how easily we can lose sight of, and connection to, our truth.

Over the holiday weekend, I’ve been sifting through some of the treasures that come through to me on Twitter, reflecting on the messages they bring.  And what they bring me is food for my soul … so I thought I’d share a few of them with you:

Soul Seeds have been an amazing discovery for me, insightfully identifying and responding to the complexities of the human condition.

“You are perfect as you are, and you could use a little work.”

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.”

In ‘Meditation, then and now’, a delightful little snippet has reminded me of how simply I can source the answers to the questions and challenges that plague me. It’s as simple as going within.

Joseph Campbell (through UniverslSpirituality ‏ @unvrslsprtlty) inspires me to never be afraid of facing my fears: “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Again, as simple as holding onto love, and going within.

And finally, two thoughts that link to my passions around storytelling and perspective transformation:

I’ve remembered that the time is always right to stop whatever terribly important thing we are doing, to go within, and to reconnect to our higher wisdom. It is only through going within that we can recalibrate our guidance and find our ‘True North’ to move forward most authentically. What a simple truth.

So for now I will sit quietly and reflect on words brought to me by Sherry Gillam ‏ @grapechick :

 “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.” ~Spanish Proverb

About Jennifer K Miles

I am an educator, researcher and writer, passionate about storytelling and its power to change perspectives of self. Through undertaking the journey of my own transformative learning, I now work with adults to support them in drawing forth stories of the strength and potential gained in their lives, as they move towards the creation of their stories as yet untold. My three beautiful adult boys are the most precious part of my story, and continue to walk with and support me in undertaking my PhD research. I write about story and transformative learning ... the circumstances of our lives and the stories remembered; influences on the construction of our self-identities - positive and negative; critiquing the assumptions and limitations we have come to accept about ourselves, our potential, and our place in life; daring to imagine a story untold.

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