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Time to breathe …



I get to breathe again …

My favourite time of the year, when the crazy treadmill of working to foster transformative learning spaces within the business-focussed world of education ceases to exist. The government funding and subsequent organisational delivery constraints, student issues and tremendous achievements, ongoing stresses and chaos fade into the background, and I get to sink into the glorious delights of living beachside on the Mornington Peninsula with my beautiful boys.

Only a month ago, my first-born joined in marriage with his gorgeous wife, and they now step into the next stage of their lives together. There could be no better opportunity for them to consolidate their commitment to each other than coming here to the beach, where a bath in the sea greets each day before breakfast, new adventures are planned daily and implemented with joyful fun and celebration, and deeply philosophical conversations about life and living are had across generations of diverse souls. What an incredible space to reflect on the way forward.

As my first day in paradise closes, this eve before Christmas, the day before my family and friends come to join me, I look across Port Philip Bay to Mount Martha, and the houses on the hill are reflecting the setting sun. They look like mirrors in a mosaic, twinkling farewell to the sun as it departs for the day. Gulls are sitting quietly on the sandbanks exposed by the receding tide, only occasionally disturbed by one in their community puffing their chest and squawking for full attention. The Spirit of Tasmania steams out of the Heads, taking many to loved ones across the seas of Bass Straight.

I am humbled and deeply appreciative of the time I am able to spend here in our simple seaside holiday, when so many across our world are struggling just to survive in the midst of oppressive environments and circumstances. This holiday promises much, with the space it provides to relax and breathe into myself, to lay out the complexities and possibilities that have accumulated throughout the year now gone, and to find the truth and authenticity that will nurture and guide the year ahead.

As we each step into the celebrations across cultures that this year brings, may I send you my blessings for a time of reflection and regeneration, both for yourself and for your family. May this time provide you with the space to breathe and step into life mindfully and may you be blessed with time to touch and heed the voice of your soul as it whispers its truths to you.

In love and light,


On a day that celebrates Mothers



There are precious people in my life who are beautiful babies, who have beautiful babies and who miss beautiful babies

There are precious people in my life who are mothers and who have mothers and who miss mothers

There are precious people in my life who are playing mother for those who are absent

To each of you I send my love and my blessings and my hope for a day

Filled with the deeply held knowledge that you are surrounded by great love