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Another moment in time …


Just in case you missed this link in my last post … sit back and reflect on this tiny taste of heaven. I hope the link works for you …


Taking a moment for me …


I’ve been taking time lately to embed some daily practices into my life. Time for meditation, time for simple yoga postures, time for maintaining my beautiful home … my physical body and my physical abode. I’m building these practices so that I can claim back my health and vitality to support my continued growth in this life. For the last years, I have been focussing on building my higher energetic, mental and spiritual bodies, and have forgotten about my physical body. There is so much waiting to be explored and discovered, and I intend to dive into it all, so I need to bring my physical body back into the picture to allow this to unfold.

During my recent stay at the Ashram, one wise soul helped me to remember that we only have to take a few moments to devote to these things on a regular basis. She suggested I start each day with:

  • five minutes of yoga postures (asanas)
  • five minutes of breath practices (pranayama)
  • five minutes of meditation (dhyana)
  • five minutes of sound vibration (mantra yoga)
  • five minutes of mindful chores (karma yoga)

If I take a few moments each day to incorporate these vital, health promoting practices … regularly … I am reaffirming to myself how important I am in the larger scheme of things. If I forget to honour and nurture myself, what does it say about my ability to honour and nurture others? To the extent that I devote to these practices is the extent to which I am able to live an authentic, empowered and empowering life. I have to come back to me.

I don’t know about you, but I can really struggle to remember these simple truths. In his book Conversations with God, Neal Donald Walsch talks about us re-membering who we are, and I think that for me, these few minutes I devote each day to me are about  re-membering my often forgotten higher self.

I fell across two You Tubes today that support this mindfulness and re-membering beautifully …


Take a few moments for you …